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.. Fantasy Room Escape -. Page 4: Table Of Contents Contents Guidelines for safe and efficient Music .23 use .4 MP3 Player .23 Transferring music onto your Getting to Know Your Phone .9 phone .23 Installing the SIM and battery .11 Playing a song .23 Using Dual SIM-card .13 Using options while playing music .24 Memory card .14 FM Radio .25. Select Call barring from SIM1 or SIM2. Page 34: Games & Apps LG-C310 also comes with some preloaded applications. Minimize – Hide the music player Select to skip to the previous screen so that you can continue song. Orkut: Picasa: http:// picasaweb.google.com Flickr: http:// m.flickr.com. Page 12 Getting to Know Your Phone Charger/USB cable connector Side keys In standby mode: TIP: Please ensure the • Controls the ring phone is powered on , volume. phone is being used or turned on, or data may be lost or the SIM card might be damaged. Category: Games, PuzzleContributed by: hiddenfungames 0 Downloads File size: 32.45 MB Uploaded on Nov 20 2017 . Scroll down to the unit conversion box and choose the unit measurement you want to convert into. CPU Chipset Select chipset Actions Allwinner Altair AMD Amlogic Apple Atheros Boxchip Broadcom Freescale HiSilicon Huawei Infineon Intel Leadcore LG Marvell MediaTek Motorola MSTAR Nvidia NXP Philips Qualcomm Rockchip Samsung SiRF SpreadTrum ST Erricson Telechips TI (Texas Instruments) VIA Vivante Xiaomi Number of cores Speed . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 ‹ › . settings On or Off. Page 15: Using Dual Sim-card Use the left and right navigation key to switch the SIM card you want to assign. Call costs – View the charges applied to your last call or all calls. Menu and select My stuff. Scroll left and right to select a unit, then scroll down and enter the unit quantity. Free New Software for LG C310. Press Options and select Play to listen to the recording. .. Page 33 Messaging Voicemail – Add a new voicemail service. Page 11: Getting To Know Your Phone Getting to Know Your Phone SIM2 Indicator Earpiece SIM1 Indicator Soft keys (Left soft key / Right soft key) Send key These keys perform • Dials a phone number the function Indicated • in the bottom of the and answers a call. switch Bluetooth off. Page 51: Backing Up And Restoring Your Phone’s Information Synchronise your phone Viewing your phone files on with your PC your PC You can synchronise your phone Connect the USB cable to your phone and your PC. When the camera has focused on your subject, select the Capture icon on the bottom-centre of the screen and press OK to take a photo. Page 41: Tools Tools Setting your alarm Adding an event to your calendar Press Menu and select Tools, then choose Alarm clock. Page 23: Camera Camera Taking a quick photo Press Menu and select Camera and Camera. Download Free LG C310 Mobile Games. Auto key lock – Lock the keypad automatically in standby screen 5a02188284

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